Dr. Myava Clark and Chris Clark Jr. were the special guests on Café Verve Podcast with host Lynee Lopez

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Social & Emotional Wellness- A Family’s Story Dr. Myava Clark & Chris Clark Jr.

In this episode, Lynee talks with Dr. Myava Clark and her son Chris Clark Jr. (Chris) about their journey navigating school and social dynamics from a unique perspective through middle and high school. In a moment of reflection, sparked by a conversation with his dad, the idea for CASEN was born and he became a founding President. Dr. Clark and her son, Chris are Co-founders of CASEN (Collaborative Advancement for Social-Emotional Needs) LLC. CASEN is designed to help children communicate appropriately on different social media platforms for school, life skills, and the workplace, through social-emotional learning. CASEN helps bridge the gap between the classroom and social media while creating a safe environment for children with learning and thinking differences. CASEN helps meet social wellness through social-emotional development, mental health development, bullying identification, and social media readiness. CASEN originated from the lived experiences of Chris.

As a teenager, Chris behaved inappropriately, at times, on social media and he came up with CASEN’s concept to help other children who may have social-emotional needs behave appropriately on social media. Chris wanted to help children avoid some of the pitfalls that he encountered. He recognized that not all children will have the support network that he had, and he wanted to find a way to help. Dr. Clark started CASEN with Chris to further support parents of children with learning and thinking differences, as they meet the needs of their children.

CASEN has three platforms: CASEN Outreach, CASEN Education, and CASEN Connect.

Buy Myava’s bestselling book – HELP! Support for Parents of Children with Learning and Thinking Differences to Feel Confident, Capable, and Fulfilled by Myava Clark: https://amzn.to/41YAajT

For more information and resources about Dr. Clark and CASEN
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The Ultimate Guide on How Bullying Affects Children  https://casenllc.com/resource-library/
The 5 Ways Social-Emotional Learning Can Change Your Child’s Life https://casenllc.com/resource-library/

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