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Are You A Parent Or Caregiver, A Homeschool Parent, Or A Teacher, A Counselor, A Therapist, A Psychologist etc. Who Works With Children With Learning Differences or Who Struggle Making Social Connections? If So, Check Out The Courses Below!

Social-Emotional Development

The Social-Emotional Development course is designed to promote the healthy growth and development of children’s social and emotional skills. The course equips children with the tools they need to build positive relationships, manage their emotions, and develop stronger emotional intelligence. This is achieved while promoting empathy, effective communication, and self-awareness. This course also lays the foundation for healthy social interactions and emotional well-being.

Bullying Identification

The Bullying Identification course is designed to help children recognize and understand bullying behaviors, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately and effectively. Through age-appropriate and interactive lessons, this course empowers children to identify the different types of bullying, differentiate bullying from regular conflicts, and develop empathy and confidence to stand up against bullying. By fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment, this course seeks to promote kindness, respect, and empathy among children, creating a culture where bullying is not tolerated.

Mental Health Development

The Mental Health Development course is specifically tailored to help children understand and prioritize their mental well-being. Through age-appropriate and interactive lessons, this course is designed to promote positive mental health, emotional intelligence, coping skills, and resilience in children. Children are empowered with the knowledge and tools to manage their emotions and build healthy relationships while laying the foundation for lifelong mental well-being and emotional growth. Children are also able to identify signs of anxiety and depression, coping mechanisms, stress relievers, and how to reach out for help in person and on social media.

Social Media Readiness

Digital interactions play a significant role in the lives of young people today. The Social Media Readiness course is designed to equip children with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to safely and responsibly navigate social media. The course is intended to empower children to make well-informed decisions, protect their privacy, and develop healthy online habits. This is achieved through interactive age-appropriate lessons.

Children learn to recognize the potential risks and challenges of social media while promoting positive digital citizenship and respectful behavior, as well as discover the importance of having a good digital footprint. Digital citizenship is when a person develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the internet and other digital technology to communicate with others. A digital footprint includes all the information you share or that is collected about you online.

CASEN Parents

The CASEN Parents course is designed for parents and caregivers to support their children’s well-being in the digital age. This is an all-inclusive course designed for parents and caregivers to enhance their understanding of various aspects of their children’s development and well-being. This comprehensive course covers four key areas: Social-Emotional Development, Bullying Identification, Mental Health Development, and Social Media Readiness. Participants gain valuable insights and practical strategies to support their children’s social-emotional growth, recognize and address bullying behaviors, nurture positive mental health, and guide responsible social media usage in today’s digital world. Parents and caregivers are equipped with tools to help make their children safe on social media and in life by empowering parents and caregivers with resources at their fingertips, without the need to search the web.

CASEN Connect

CASEN Connect is a social media platform designed for children aged 9-13 years old who have learning differences. It serves as a precursor to regular social media sites by providing a controlled environment where children can learn appropriate ways to interact with adults and peers. This platform teaches children how to identify, prevent, and report bullying, which is a crucial aspect of promoting a safe and positive online experience. CASEN Connect offers a more guided and protected experience for young users. Filters are in place to control the content visible to other users and CASEN Connect also offers guidance, support, and monitoring to help children navigate the platform safely.