Discover CASEN (Collaborative Advancement for Social-Emotional Needs) Outreach: A New Community Engagement Program

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CASEN Outreach provides a network of facilitators who go into the community and engages with churches, camps, community centers, and other organizations to present a healthy approach and outlook toward social media. CASEN Outreach is designed to educate children and adults on the dangers of social media and how social media can be used in a safe productive way. This is done through lessons that reveal bullying identification, how social media habits can impact a person’s mental and physical health, and the importance of a healthy digital footprint, among other things.

In the summer of 2019, CASEN Outreach collaborated with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, under Josh Shapiro at the time. Both organizations went to a summer camp and a church education conference in Montgomery County Pennsylvania to speak with children about social media.

The attorney general’s office spoke about the dangers of social media and CASEN Outreach presented information about how to appropriately access and use social media. Both student populations were receptive and enjoyed the presentation. CASEN Outreach provided lessons, videos, and other resources, via the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General and other platforms to demonstrate the significance and dangers that inappropriate behavior on social media can cause. Students were taught about different types of bullying, including cyberbullying.

That summer, CASEN was invited to present CASEN’s concept through CASEN Outreach at Camp Xtreme in Norristown, Pennsylvania. During their time with Camp Xtreme, CASEN presented two one-hour sessions per week for six weeks. The first hour was for a group of campers 7-10 years of age and the second hour was for a group of campers 11-14 years of age.

CASEN spent the next several weeks teaching about types of bullying and cyberbullying, child predators, sexting, social media statistics, and some sexting laws, among other things. The campers reported in a survey that they really enjoyed having a safe place to talk. Some campers even reported that they would report acts of bullying in the future, whether it was experienced or witnessed. “Thank you for taking time out of your day to teach us and listen to us. I hope you visit next year. I loved how you listened to our stories and were here for us. You made it feel like a safe zone for us to speak.” Madison

“Camp Xtreme was extremely delighted to expose our campers to the CASEN platform. We found the material to be engaging and thought-provoking and the topics were extremely relevant to our population. We believe that all school-aged children can benefit from valuable lessons contained in the CASEN Modules.” Andre Hayes Director, Camp Extreme

CASEN also presented at Bethel Deliverance International Church Education Conference with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General in August 2019. This was a two-hour workshop for students 9-13 years of age.

“CASEN shared a powerful message of ‘anti-bullying’ at the Bethel Deliverance International Church (B.D.I.C.) Education Conference. In today’s society, cyberbullying is an undercover poison that is administered to youth by youth. Through the social media pipeline of comparison, competition, and false perceptions, youth can be drawn into a world of control and predators. CASEN has been instrumental in being a ‘safe zone’ for educating youth and parents regarding the dangers of social media, Instagram, Snapchat, Yellow (Tinder for Teens), Gaming YouTube, etc. CASEN has a ‘life-changing’ message for young people and parents of today.” Stephanie DeCosta

The facilitators can meet the needs of the institution on an hourly or weekly basis. If CASEN is invited to speak at a seminar or conference, we will design content around the time allotted for us. If CASEN is asked to teach at a summer camp, we will provide one hour of education and engagement per week.

CASEN Outreach is geared towards children 9-13 years of age. However, children of varying ages are welcome as the parents or institutions deem appropriate. If you or your organization would like to engage with CASEN Outreach or if you would like for CASEN Outreach to speak to your group, contact CASEN Outreach at

extends education program to include parents


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