CASEN (Collaborative Advancement for Social-Emotional Needs) was Created

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CASEN Connect is a social media platform designed for students with social-emotional needs, as well as other differences. CASEN originated as CASEN Connect. CASEN Connect is used as a precursor for students before going on mainstream social media platforms. CASEN is meant to support adult leaders such as teachers, parents or caregivers, social workers, psychologists, and anyone who works with student groups with children who have a social deficit. In addition to the adult leaders using CASEN’s social media platform as a tool to provide learning content, CASEN provides a question of the day to build critical thinking and social awareness skills.

CASEN’s Concept originated when Chris Clark Jr. was asked in late 2017 by his father if there was anything he wished he had in school that could help kids today. After careful consideration, Chris said, “I wish someone would have taught me how to be appropriate on social media like I was taught life skills in the classroom.” Chris also stated that he experienced cyberbullying on different social media platforms and his father and his father’s friends “policed his social media sites” and taught him what to post and what not to post, as well as who to friend and unfriend on social media.

Chris recognized that all children may not have people like his father and his father’s friends in their lives and Chris wanted these children to still have a successful social media experience, even sooner than he had, if possible. Chris asked his mother, Dr. Myava Clark to help him create an application (app) that would help children with learning and thinking differences to become appropriate on social media, Dr. Clark accepted Chris’ invitation and created an app via a third party.

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