CASEN (Collaborative Advancement for Social-Emotional Needs) Education Social Network Wellness Academy is introduced

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CASEN Outreach was prepared for several speaking opportunities during the summer of 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their engagements were put on hold. While everything was shut down and no one could leave their homes, Dr. Myava Clark and Chris Clark Jr. did not waste any time; their brains were still at work. During the summer of 2020, CASEN evolved yet again. Not only was there CASEN Connect and CASEN Outreach but there is now CASEN Education. CASEN Education is designed to empower, strengthen, and sharpen the tools and skills needed to be socially well-rounded people in school, at home, and in life in general.

Dr. Clark and Chris originally thought that they would create CASEN Social Media Network Academy but as they researched the internet, they realized that children were lacking healthy social skills in general and not just on social media. Therefore Dr. Clark and Chris decided to focus on social wellness as a whole instead of focusing on social media.  Accordingly, the development of CASEN Social Network Wellness Academy was formed.

CASEN hired a course creation expert to guide them on how to create an online course. Dr. Clark and Chris came up with the idea to teach social-emotional learning to children 9-13 years of age, focusing on children with learning and thinking differences. Realizing that social-emotional learning is being taught in some schools but not in all schools, they thought that CASEN should provide another layer to children for social-emotional learning. CASEN bridges the gap between what children learn in school with real life.

CASEN Education incorporates social-emotional learning into each of its courses such as Social-Emotional Development, Bullying Identification, Mental Health Development, and Social Media Readiness. Each course includes a social media platform such as Gaming and Snapchat. This is done to bridge the gap between social-emotional learning taught in school and through CASEN to apply it to real life.
Each of the CASEN Education courses is designed to identify the child’s strengths to build the child’s confidence and self-esteem. This is done through social shares, discussions, and journaling. Children are taught that “different is different and different is awesome.” This allows children to embrace themselves for who they are regardless of their abilities or how they physically look.

Once children go through CASEN Education Social Network Wellness Academy’s core courses: Social-Emotional Development, Mental Health Development, Bullying Identification, and Social Media Readiness, the children will become CASEN Ambassadors.  As a CASEN Ambassador, children will be able to work with CASEN and help bring awareness to children.

Children can also practice what they have learned through CASEN Education on CASEN Connect. CASEN Connect is used as a precursor to regular social media sites and it is thought to be social media with filters and training wheels. This will help ease the minds of parents who are reluctant to allow their children on social media.

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