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Social & Emotional Wellness A Family’s Story

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Collaborative Advancement for Social-Emotional Needs


A Place Where Everyone Matters! Not just today, but every day.

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What Makes CASEN Unique

  • CASEN (Collaborative Advancement for Social-Emotional Needs) stands for hope and it is a place where everyone matters.
  • There is no escaping social media. CASEN teaches children how to manage social media safely.
  • CASEN empowers children through practical lessons that connect to their inner being.
  • CASEN empowers parents to have difficult conversations about bullying, mental health, social media and gaming, among other things, with their children.
  • CASEN bridges the gap between school and social media by continuing the lessons learned in school. Transformation of learning occurs by taking lessons and applying the lessons to real life and everyday situations.
  • CASEN provides a safe space for children to interact with peers on social media, as they learn and practice skills such as self-management, resiliency, and decision making.
  • Through peer group interactions, children gain self-confidence as they learn to take turns and respect the differences in others.
  • CASEN affords children the opportunity to practice what they have learned about social wellness and social media, on a safe and facilitated app, in a judgment free zone.


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between the classroom and social media through social-emotional learning while creating a safe environment for children with social-emotional needs to learn how to communicate appropriately on social media platforms for school, the workplace, and in life.

About Us

CASEN’s concept originated when Chris was asked by his father if there was anything he wished he had in school that could help kids today. After careful consideration, Chris said, “I wish someone would have taught me how to be appropriate on social media. I want to teach kids how to be appropriate on social media because they may not have the village, I had that helped me become appropriate.” Chris asked his mother, Dr. Clark if she would help build a social media app that would help kids who struggle with social-emotional needs like he did become appropriate on social media.

Dr. Clark agreed, and in 2017 and CASEN LLC was formed.

Are you an Overwhelmed, Frustrated, Professional Mother Of A Child With Learning Differences?

Here’s what our community is saying about CASEN

Stacy Casson

Kids think they know it all. CASEN is an engaging program that helps kids to uncover their blind spots around internet safety. The discovery will help them be better citizens.

Stacy Casson

Oliver Casson

I learned important topics on perseverance, mindset, and how video games affect the brain. The lessons are engaging and interactive.

Oliver Casson

Kelley Costa

This program is more than I could have ever imagined. I feel empowered to have conversations with my child about difficult topics concerning gaming and internet use. Technology is everywhere and there is no escaping it! However, we can learn to manage it and use it safely! CASEN is wonderful!

Kelley Costa


Thank you for taking time out of your days to teach us and listen to us. I hope you visit next year. I loved how you listened to our stories and were here for us. You made it feel like a safe zone for us to speak.


Andre Hayes

Camp Xtreme was extremely delighted to expose our campers to the CASEN platform. We found the material to be engaging and thought-provoking and the topics were extremely relevant to our population. We believe that all school-aged children can benefit from valuable lessons contained in the CASEN Modules.

Andre Hayes

Director, Camp Extreme

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